NRMA Safer Homes

2016 Big Data / ElasticSearch / Google Maps
Big Data visualisation of insurance risk across Australia

ACRF The One

2015 WebGL / Shaders / WebRTC / Canvas / Face Detection / Three.js
Custom WebGL shaders and webcam-based facial recognition

Falls Festival Website

2014 HTML / CSS / Javascript / Canvas
Canvas animation and server management.

Native Digital Website

2014 HTML / CSS / Javascript / Rails
Custom in-house website build with a specialised blog CMS.

Cider Hunt Game

2013 HTML / CSS / Javascript / Websockets / SSE
Interactive game spanning the virtual globe with real time user interaction.

Westinghouse Appliances

2009 HTML / CSS / Javascript
Core products showcase, Westinghouse domestic appliances. An academic exercise.

Sydney Ferries Kiosk

2009 Flash
Ticket purchasing kiosk, Sydney Ferries. Designed for touchscreen. Interface built on flash with XML data store. An academic exercise.

Vintage Clothing

2008 Print / Photography
Five-fold brochure promoting vintage clothing shopping.

Monster 3D

2009 3D CG
Short 3D animation sequence. Character and animation created in Blender. Textured in Photoshop.

Trafalgar Street Panorama

2008 Photography
Photographic work depicting the view from the northern end of Annandale's Trafalgar Street.

Fashion Future

2009 Flash
Teaser splash animation for new website launch of “Fashion Future“.

Chunky Chunks

2008 Print / Packaging / Illustrator
Packaging for a fictional breakfast cereal “Fruity Explosions Chunky Chunks“. Geometric boxes in tin. Vector artwork.

Time Machine

2006 After Effects
Short intro-sequence for a presentation regarding the construction of a clock.