Falls Festival Website

Since 2011, Native Digital have worked with Falls Festival to drive their online presence.
The site receives tens of thousands of visitors in several bursts around key announcements.
Each year I have been more involved in the digital process, managing virtual servers and load balancing and building the primary entry point to their website.

This year, the client provided creative and a suggestion to animate the entire background. I took the opportunity to bring the images to life.

A single, compressed script loads an image from the site's CDN, cuts up sprites onto two canvas elements. A left– and right– aligned canvas allow the background to fill the screen. Sprites are animated with one of several behavior functions on a requestanimationframe loop which provides fluid movement.

The script has been included on this splash page, the main WordPress site and the 3rd party ticketing site.

Vist FallsFestival.com.au to see the live site